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  • Posted by Charles Tripp - 9 hours ago
    There are constantly current trends and crazes circulating online, and the most popular craze right now is plainly that of the promo code. Discount ...
  • Posted by journey man - July 21
    another day.   another way.   lets see today.  another way.
  • Posted by Saul Crisp - July 11
    You might want to replace your income completely, or perhaps supplement current revenue. Both these are not impossible in the internet business world ...
  • Posted by John Jackson - June 27
    About 6 months ago, I took my wife to the dentist and the reception room was full of people in our age group-retired people.  All were sitting ...
  • Posted by Cregan . - June 11
    Cregan Tours presents: From Russia with Beer, part 1 As some of you folks may know, I recently went to Russia for work. I was in Moscow and St. ...
  • Posted by Lee 747 - May 13 Tim McGraw - Lookin' For That Girl
  • Posted by sum1frostedmyflakes - May 10
    Hate and anger are such destructive forces. And though you may manage to hurt others with them, in the long run, the person you will hurt the most is ...
  • Posted by pooks - January 30, 2011
    1989 Newcastle earthquakeFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search 1989 Newcastle earthquake Date 28 December 1989 ...
  • Posted by pooks - December 1, 2010
    hello to all ...thought i should let my friends and fellow chatters know that its me "pooky" and that I am not trying to trick or be devious in any ...
  • Posted by pooks - March 8, 2011
    As most of you know Dwight came and stayed with me for 5 days after her wonderful holiday in NewZealand with our beautiful Oracle and it was a blast ...
  • Posted by personal5757 - November 10, 2011
    been in room for a while and its like our room senior chatters come see its nice and everyone knows everyone like ours