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Calories and cream

1. Packet Ernest Adams Meringues 300 ml Fresh cream

1. Packet frozen raspberries, blueberries or boysenberries

1. A punnet of fresh strawberries

Whip cream, breakup meringues (but not too much) and fold into cream. Add thawed out fruit with a little of the juice. Marshmallows also can be used. Place into individual dishes or one large dish. Decorate with strawberries, marshmallows can then be mixed in. This dessert should be made just before serving. Quick and easy but very delicious.

Deza's Desert

4oz Brown sugar.
4oz fresh brown bread crums.
8 dessert spoons drinking chocolate.
1 Table spoon coffee.
300 mls cream.

Put in food processor and mix until just starting to stick together. Lightly whip cream, put in glass or crystal bowl layering with cream.

Finish with a light sprinkling of the chocolate mix on top. Delicious and no one can guess what it is made of!


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