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Wedding Disasters
As owner of The Wedding garden...

The bride arrives at the wedding venue. She arrived with Dad in the limousine.
They get out of the limo and stand ready for the Grand entry down the garden where the guests are waiting for her to arrive.

We start the beautiful music which wafts throughout the garden.
She then slowly walks down to the wedding location, and the wedding precedes as planned.

About 5 minutes after the ceremony we see that there is some sort of drama, so I go down the garden and see what the problem is, apparently the bride lost her flower bridal bouquet.

Although I did have a silk spare bouquet of cream roses, someone found hers in the boot (trunk) of someone's car, all wilted with the heat.

She chose the real ones that I had even though they were rather sad, but the bride was happy once again. Another wedding story fom Australia again soon.
Please check back some time.

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